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There’s nothing else quite like antique furniture. They just don’t make ‘em how they used to! Whether you’re an antique collector or you’ve inherited a set from a loved one, antique furniture can transform a room. Better yet, it can last lifetimes with the proper care.
When you look at antique furniture, you see a relic from another time. Antique furniture is made from high-quality woods like mahogany, cherry, rosewood, walnut, maple, and pine. The furniture itself is full of details, from wood engravings to the fine artistry of its assembly.

You want your furniture to look regal, polished, and full of character. But as the years go by, it may lose its luster.
Has your antique furniture seen better days? If your furniture is showing scratch marks or falling apart, you might worry that it’s time to toss it. Don’t worry: At Mike Furniture Restoration, our company will repair and restore your antique furniture that has worn out from years of use or long-term storage.

Not only will we repair your furniture, but we’ll restore it, too. With our top-quality work, your antique furniture will last lifetimes. At Mike Furniture Restoration, we offer timely service and top-quality work.

We understand how delicate antique furniture can be, which is why we approach each project with care and precision. We keep our pricing competitive—you can restore your furniture without going over budget.

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We offer competitive prices on expert repairs. Restore your wooden furniture without spending a fortune when you call Mike Furniture Restoration. Our services are available

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