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It’s hard to imagine your home without your furniture. Take your dining table, for example. You use it to serve meals, your kids use it to do homework, and it’s a place for your family to gather and hang out. Without it, your house wouldn’t feel like a home.

After years of plate scraping, utensil dropping, and pet scratching, your table is left with scuffs and stains that just won’t budge. But there’s no need to buy a new one—why not schedule a furniture refinishing service at Mike Furniture Restoration?

If you have a dining set that’s been worn out from years of use, we can refinish it and make it look like new. All those scratches and scuffs will be completely erased. When we’re done, your dining set will serve you for many more years to come!
There’s no type of furniture we can’t refinish! Bring us your sofas, bed frames, dressers, and end tables—we do it all. It’s our goal to help you fall in love with your furniture all over again.

You’ll be amazed at what a bit of elbow grease will do for your furniture. We have years of experience with refinishing furniture. We know just how to get rid of stubborn stains and dents! Leave it to us to restore even the most worn-down furniture.

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Ready to make your furniture look brand-new? We’re here to help. Contact Mike Furniture Restoration to book your furniture refinishing service!

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